Some Recent Screenshot Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Hearing the name Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni  game series, some gamers who have never tested this game may immediately associate with a game intended for small children. But for those who’ve never played this game before, the project Traveller’s Tale this one always offers an interesting sensation, experience the epic and appropriate to the theme, apart from distinctive visualizations. After the success of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Lord of the Rings in the previous year, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle is ready to adorn the year 2013 with the project that much more interesting. It became the only chance to live an epic adventure as a member of the Marvel superhero – The Avengers.


Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle sensation and style of play are identical indeed still be maintained for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Marvel Super Heroes series, but Traveller’s Tale itself promises representation of the Marvel world much better. We’re not just talking about dozens of superhero characters that would be familiar, each of which comes with strength, ability, and the unique identity of each, but also the world of Marvel itself. Not only Asgard Thor which looks stunning, Traveller’s Tale also briefly shows the battlefield in front Avenger Tower. Some screenshots of the latest released will probably encourage you to anticipate the presence of this one game.

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