Madden Mobile Released Exclusively for Android

No sports game franchise fates worse than a basketball game fronted EA – Madden Mobile. What lesson? When the competitors – series from 2K Sports continues to dominate in terms of innovation, gameplay and sales, EA actually struggling with a crucial problem that is not finished. Full of bugs and criticism from gamers, a franchise that had bears the name “NBA Elite” have even had several times canceled. Now with the readiness of the process of developing a more solid and the presence of the next-gen platforms, EA looks much more optimistic.


Policies strange indeed, but the “exclusivity” Ignite engine that was echoed by EA FIFA 14 turned out to be applied much more extreme in Madden Mobile 14. EA while this has only confirmed the release of this basketball game for two major next-gen consoles: Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This current generation consoles – Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will not get a chance to taste this game at all. Due to severe engine problems? Not really, because EA also ensure the release of Madden Mobile 14 for PC. The game itself will slide right on 19 November 2013, four days after the release of the Playstation 4.
EA finally confirmed the release of Madden Mobile 14 on 19 November 2013. Interestingly? This game will only be released for PS4 and Xbox One, not for the current generation consoles and PC.

In contrast to the competitors – Madden Mobile14 will be released on all platforms – the current generation, next-gen, and even PC, any action taken by this EA is somewhat absurd, especially if they see their desire to return the name of Madden Mobile to the competition , So PC gamers and owners of Playstation 3 – Xbox 360, you know clearly basketball game where you have to look forward to.

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