Latest Games Bungie – Destiny Not Confirmed For PC

As was promised earlier, the veteran developer behind kesuksean HALO franchise for the Xbox 360 – Bungie Studios, has finally introduced their new ambitious project – Destiny. Was leaked in cyberspace some time ago, Bungie has finally officially reveal the first details about the game which they claim, as the first in this class. Through a video documentary, Bungie does not just explain the process of development and background underlying story that will, they also show a bit of the gameplay of this ambitious project them. Backed by a large force that is familiar in the world of FPS – Activision, if Destiny is able to position itself as a game that is worth the wait?


You will act as the Guardian, protector of a city that became the basis of the last of mankind. After living safely under the power of a mysterious orb in the sky that they refer to as – The Traveler, the townspeople begin to explore the outside world and get the fact that the earth is no longer the same planet that they know so far. You will be allowed to choose one of several existing classes. Customization appearance, abilities, as well as the looting of weapons, open world into several major gameplay mechanisms, including travel to another planet with your own space ship. As a “shared-world” shooter, there is no room or in Destiny mode, all gamers will engage in a continuous interconnected world. Bungie also will condition the world is dynamic and constantly changing in it. One thing is for sure, you need an Internet connection that remains and visit clash royale triche

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