Daylight – Horror game with Unreal Engine 4

Daylight? Do any of these names define the project with an open-world game themed zombies that are being handled by Techland – Dying Light. Although it carries almost the same name, these two projects have different appeal, regardless of who actually makes the horror theme as the main selling points. When Dying Light offers the charm of a combination of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge is full of side action, a new horror game with a name that sounded almost the same – Daylight brings the concept of a more classic horror. Interestingly again? With extra features that have never been reached by any horror game before. An initial trailer was released to introduce this one how to hack Roblox game.


Handled by studio named – Zombie Studios, Daylight will bring you to the Mid Island Hospital is not only illegal, but is present in the form like a labyrinth. With a mobile phone that also serves as a lighting equipment and a map, you have to find a way out. As simple as that? Of course not. Reinforced with next-gen engine from Epic – Roblox, Daylight will mengsuung random maze, constantly changing every time you tried it back in. Various elements will be combined to bring the experience more refreshing and challenging course. As the trend of most of the current horror game, this trailer shows the main character who can not fight back.

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