Crytek: Next-Gen Console Will Not Be Can emulate PC

Most of the current console gamers really struggle to satisfy ourselves with the quality of visualization should be recognized, are not comparable with those offered by the PC. Almost all the games that released multiplatform indeed appear so dazzling in a more dynamic platform that, with the framerate, which will certainly support the comfort of playing. Not surprisingly, many console gamers who crave the presence of next-gen, not only to compete with PC capabilities, but also open up greater opportunities for a variety of gaming innovations that can not be implemented earlier. But for business competition, Crytek seems pessimistic about this latest generation capable of running “function” it is well nad visit clash royale astuce gemme.


Cevat Yerli – big boss of Crytek admits that he was being hemmed in by NDA from Sony and Microsoft so it is not possible to give more detailed information about the next-gen consoles from both. However, if compared, Yerli admits that the high-end PCs will still be a platform that is difficult to overcome. Crytek itself has been tested Crysis 3 on all platforms, including next-gen console, which then ends this conclusion. He openly stated that the console manufacturers now are on the losing side in his battles with the PC since the emergence of PS 3 and Xbox 360 on the market. The dynamic development of the PC so fast makes it difficult to pursue.
Yerli openly admit that the power of next generation consoles will not be able to never be able to conquer the ability of high-end PCs, even now clearly being on the losing side. This conclusion he get after trying Crysis 3 directly, both the PC and next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

So what about the Crysis 3 itself? After briefly getting criticism of the quality of Crysis 2 which is considered to represent the ability of Crytek after the first series that was so phenomenal, Crytek now refocus on the PC as a primary platform for developing this third series. Yerli stated that in Crysis 2, Crytek focused on creating a game that can be enjoyed on a massive scale by PC gamers as much as possible, but in Crysis 3, they were back on the main goal, to make PC-PC powered enthusiast PC gamers to its knees. Unfortunately, in spite of this Yerli claims, he did not confirm whether Crysis 3 will also be the standard test the ability of next-gen consoles in the future.

How about you? Does the fact that the latest generation of consoles will not be as high-end PCs that exist dampen your desire to anticipate his presence? For our own, strength and detail visualization is an important element, but not the sole indicator for assessing the success of a platform. Eventually? They are offering exclusive games, fun, innovative, with a variety of gameplay uniklah that will dominate the market, as was shown by the Wii in the past. So Yerli, it is not over till the fat lady sings ..

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