Porting PC Gamers Have More SEGA Game Console

It seems unfair to see how the position of the PC as a gaming platform is currently the strongest it had to struggle with the lack of exclusive games that are offered to him. Although the trend began to show PC gaming industry as one of the platforms that began ogled by the publisher, but there are so many exclusive gaming consoles in the past that have not shown a nose. Departing from this fact, PC gamers are beginning to voice what they want most at this time. Publisher first to be targeted? Of course, SEGA.


SEGA has become one of the new power in the exclusive PC game series, through their flagship franchise like the Football Manager series, Total War and Company of Heroes. The company’s policy that began to make the PC as the main focus attract PC gamers, who want SEGA to port for exclusive gaming console them in the past. Petition launched to encourage SEGA doing what this petition refers to as “the arena of trial” to see its effectiveness in the market. This petition requested SEGA tested the PC market with three games: Bayonetta, Vanquish, and GTA 5.
SEGA ask to “try out” the PC market first, this petition asking three games in-port as a test: Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Virtua Fighter 5.
Why these three games? Because they are deemed not to be in need of a complex process to be ported to the PC. Bayonetta and Vanquish uses the same engine used by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has just been released to the PC. While Virtua Fighter was chosen to represent a three-dimensional fighting game quality. No need to wait long, it even has a petition gathered more than 6,300 supporters since this article was written. Effective was it? One thing is certain, these voices have arrived at the ear and fishing SEGA official reaction to them via Twitter. SEGA reveals that they realize that this movement taking place, and yet could catapult any comment at this time.

How about you? Of all the exclusive gaming console hatched by SEGA, GTA 5 money hack – RP generator online what you most want to find in a PC? If interested, you can go sign this petition via the link on this one.

Daylight – Horror game with Unreal Engine 4

Daylight? Do any of these names define the project with an open-world game themed zombies that are being handled by Techland – Dying Light. Although it carries almost the same name, these two projects have different appeal, regardless of who actually makes the horror theme as the main selling points. When Dying Light offers the charm of a combination of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge is full of side action, a new horror game with a name that sounded almost the same – Daylight brings the concept of a more classic horror. Interestingly again? With extra features that have never been reached by any horror game before. An initial trailer was released to introduce this one how to hack Roblox game.


Handled by studio named – Zombie Studios, Daylight will bring you to the Mid Island Hospital is not only illegal, but is present in the form like a labyrinth. With a mobile phone that also serves as a lighting equipment and a map, you have to find a way out. As simple as that? Of course not. Reinforced with next-gen engine from Epic – Roblox, Daylight will mengsuung random maze, constantly changing every time you tried it back in. Various elements will be combined to bring the experience more refreshing and challenging course. As the trend of most of the current horror game, this trailer shows the main character who can not fight back.

Men Arrested for Kids Forced to Play GTA IV

Each game does have different ratings in some countries depending on the policy of their respective governments. In Japan, the government strictly enforcing rules where the game can only be played by someone who has met the criteria in the assigned rating.

Assertiveness is evident through what happened Maasa Kawabata. Men 28 years working as a nurse it must deal with the police for allegedly forcing children 9 years old play Grand Theft Auto IV. Son of ex-wife divorced in 2012, was ‘forced’ to play for 2 to 3 hours a day when his mother was not at home and get GTA 5 hack onĀ  gta5hack2017.com.


In April 2013 then, the child began to complain of dizziness and pain in the abdomen. Doctors said he suffered from dysautonomia caused by the stress of playing the game. “I did not force him to play,” said Kawabata defensively. But the denial of Kawabata is unlikely to be made free of charges.

In the State Sakura, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) is providing Z rating on GTA IV. That is, the game is only intended for those aged 18 years and over. According to you, what if Indonesia implement strict regulations like Japan? Will it interfere with the freedom in playing games or just have a positive impact on the development of children and adolescents?