Porting PC Gamers Have More SEGA Game Console

It seems unfair to see how the position of the PC as a gaming platform is currently the strongest it had to struggle with the lack of exclusive games that are offered to him. Although the trend began to show PC gaming industry as one of the platforms that began ogled by the publisher, but there are so many exclusive gaming consoles in the past that have not shown a nose. Departing from this fact, PC gamers are beginning to voice what they want most at this time. Publisher first to be targeted? Of course, SEGA.


SEGA has become one of the new power in the exclusive PC game series, through their flagship franchise like the Football Manager series, Total War and Company of Heroes. The company’s policy that began to make the PC as the main focus attract PC gamers, who want SEGA to port for exclusive gaming console them in the past. Petition launched to encourage SEGA doing what this petition refers to as “the arena of trial” to see its effectiveness in the market. This petition requested SEGA tested the PC market with three games: Bayonetta, Vanquish, and GTA 5.
SEGA ask to “try out” the PC market first, this petition asking three games in-port as a test: Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Virtua Fighter 5.
Why these three games? Because they are deemed not to be in need of a complex process to be ported to the PC. Bayonetta and Vanquish uses the same engine used by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has just been released to the PC. While Virtua Fighter was chosen to represent a three-dimensional fighting game quality. No need to wait long, it even has a petition gathered more than 6,300 supporters since this article was written. Effective was it? One thing is certain, these voices have arrived at the ear and fishing SEGA official reaction to them via Twitter. SEGA reveals that they realize that this movement taking place, and yet could catapult any comment at this time.

How about you? Of all the exclusive gaming console hatched by SEGA, GTA 5 money hack – RP generator online what you most want to find in a PC? If interested, you can go sign this petition via the link on this one.

Daylight – Horror game with Unreal Engine 4

Daylight? Do any of these names define the project with an open-world game themed zombies that are being handled by Techland – Dying Light. Although it carries almost the same name, these two projects have different appeal, regardless of who actually makes the horror theme as the main selling points. When Dying Light offers the charm of a combination of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge is full of side action, a new horror game with a name that sounded almost the same – Daylight brings the concept of a more classic horror. Interestingly again? With extra features that have never been reached by any horror game before. An initial trailer was released to introduce this one how to hack Roblox game.


Handled by studio named – Zombie Studios, Daylight will bring you to the Mid Island Hospital is not only illegal, but is present in the form like a labyrinth. With a mobile phone that also serves as a lighting equipment and a map, you have to find a way out. As simple as that? Of course not. Reinforced with next-gen engine from Epic – Roblox, Daylight will mengsuung random maze, constantly changing every time you tried it back in. Various elements will be combined to bring the experience more refreshing and challenging course. As the trend of most of the current horror game, this trailer shows the main character who can not fight back.

Men Arrested for Kids Forced to Play GTA IV

Each game does have different ratings in some countries depending on the policy of their respective governments. In Japan, the government strictly enforcing rules where the game can only be played by someone who has met the criteria in the assigned rating.

Assertiveness is evident through what happened Maasa Kawabata. Men 28 years working as a nurse it must deal with the police for allegedly forcing children 9 years old play Grand Theft Auto IV. Son of ex-wife divorced in 2012, was ‘forced’ to play for 2 to 3 hours a day when his mother was not at home and get GTA 5 hack on  gta5hack2017.com.


In April 2013 then, the child began to complain of dizziness and pain in the abdomen. Doctors said he suffered from dysautonomia caused by the stress of playing the game. “I did not force him to play,” said Kawabata defensively. But the denial of Kawabata is unlikely to be made free of charges.

In the State Sakura, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) is providing Z rating on GTA IV. That is, the game is only intended for those aged 18 years and over. According to you, what if Indonesia implement strict regulations like Japan? Will it interfere with the freedom in playing games or just have a positive impact on the development of children and adolescents?

Madden Mobile Released Exclusively for Android

No sports game franchise fates worse than a basketball game fronted EA – Madden Mobile. What lesson? When the competitors – http://www.e-phouse.com series from 2K Sports continues to dominate in terms of innovation, gameplay and sales, EA actually struggling with a crucial problem that is not finished. Full of bugs and criticism from gamers, a franchise that had bears the name “NBA Elite” have even had several times canceled. Now with the readiness of the process of developing a more solid and the presence of the next-gen platforms, EA looks much more optimistic.


Policies strange indeed, but the “exclusivity” Ignite engine that was echoed by EA FIFA 14 turned out to be applied much more extreme in Madden Mobile 14. EA while this has only confirmed the release of this basketball game for two major next-gen consoles: Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This current generation consoles – Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will not get a chance to taste this game at all. Due to severe engine problems? Not really, because EA also ensure the release of Madden Mobile 14 for PC. The game itself will slide right on 19 November 2013, four days after the release of the Playstation 4.
EA finally confirmed the release of Madden Mobile 14 on 19 November 2013. Interestingly? This game will only be released for PS4 and Xbox One, not for the current generation consoles and PC.

In contrast to the competitors – Madden Mobile14 will be released on all platforms – the current generation, next-gen, and even PC, any action taken by this EA is somewhat absurd, especially if they see their desire to return the name of Madden Mobile to the competition , So PC gamers and owners of Playstation 3 – Xbox 360, you know clearly basketball game where you have to look forward to.

Some Recent Screenshot Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Hearing the name Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni  game series, some gamers who have never tested this game may immediately associate with a game intended for small children. But for those who’ve never played this game before, the project Traveller’s Tale this one always offers an interesting sensation, experience the epic and appropriate to the theme, apart from distinctive visualizations. After the success of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Lord of the Rings in the previous year, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle is ready to adorn the year 2013 with the project that much more interesting. It became the only chance to live an epic adventure as a member of the Marvel superhero – The Avengers.


Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle sensation and style of play are identical indeed still be maintained for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Marvel Super Heroes series, but Traveller’s Tale itself promises representation of the Marvel world much better. We’re not just talking about dozens of superhero characters that would be familiar, each of which comes with strength, ability, and the unique identity of each, but also the world of Marvel itself. Not only Asgard Thor which looks stunning, Traveller’s Tale also briefly shows the battlefield in front Avenger Tower. Some screenshots of the latest released will probably encourage you to anticipate the presence of this one game.

Battlefield 4 Ready to Roll End of October

As in previous years, the end of 2013 seems to remain a major battleground between the two military shooter franchise popular in the gaming industry – Battlefield and Call of Duty. Activision did not provide any official confirmation, but a variety of rumors and speculation about the presence of Call of Duty: Ghosts apparently growing stronger as time passes. While on the other hand, EA and DICE has publicly Battlefield 4 introduced to the public and show the latest engine – Frostbite 3.0 qualified. However, as in previous years, DICE seems to be making this competition with the early release of Battlefield 4, exactly the end of October and get madden mobile coin generator.


Through a poster campaign aimed at Australian retailers – EB Games, some new details on Battlefield 4 surfaced, especially in terms of multiplayer. This poster clearly write out some of the features and multiplayer modes will be supported this new series, including the return of Commander Mode is missed by Battlefield veteran. Rumors previously also had mentioned the same thing, even informing the presence of three different factions – the US, Russia, and China that can be used in multiplayer mode. This poster also informs the presence Battlelog 2.0 and of course the typical marketing strategy EA and DICE – Premium Mode which will open up access to the expansion of the exclusive “Drone Strike”. One more interesting thing, this poster also write the date October 31, 2013 as the official release date of Battlefield 4.

Latest Games Bungie – Destiny Not Confirmed For PC

As was promised earlier, the veteran developer behind kesuksean HALO franchise for the Xbox 360 – Bungie Studios, has finally introduced their new ambitious project – Destiny. Was leaked in cyberspace some time ago, Bungie has finally officially reveal the first details about the game which they claim, as the first in this class. Through a video documentary, Bungie does not just explain the process of development and background underlying story that will, they also show a bit of the gameplay of this ambitious project them. Backed by a large force that is familiar in the world of FPS – Activision, if Destiny is able to position itself as a game that is worth the wait?


You will act as the Guardian, protector of a city that became the basis of the last of mankind. After living safely under the power of a mysterious orb in the sky that they refer to as – The Traveler, the townspeople begin to explore the outside world and get the fact that the earth is no longer the same planet that they know so far. You will be allowed to choose one of several existing classes. Customization appearance, abilities, as well as the looting of weapons, open world into several major gameplay mechanisms, including travel to another planet with your own space ship. As a “shared-world” shooter, there is no room or in Destiny mode, all gamers will engage in a continuous interconnected world. Bungie also will condition the world is dynamic and constantly changing in it. One thing is for sure, you need an Internet connection that remains and visit clash royale triche

Crytek: Next-Gen Console Will Not Be Can emulate PC

Most of the current console gamers really struggle to satisfy ourselves with the quality of visualization should be recognized, are not comparable with those offered by the PC. Almost all the games that released multiplatform indeed appear so dazzling in a more dynamic platform that, with the framerate, which will certainly support the comfort of playing. Not surprisingly, many console gamers who crave the presence of next-gen, not only to compete with PC capabilities, but also open up greater opportunities for a variety of gaming innovations that can not be implemented earlier. But for business competition, Crytek seems pessimistic about this latest generation capable of running “function” it is well nad visit clash royale astuce gemme.


Cevat Yerli – big boss of Crytek admits that he was being hemmed in by NDA from Sony and Microsoft so it is not possible to give more detailed information about the next-gen consoles from both. However, if compared, Yerli admits that the high-end PCs will still be a platform that is difficult to overcome. Crytek itself has been tested Crysis 3 on all platforms, including next-gen console, which then ends this conclusion. He openly stated that the console manufacturers now are on the losing side in his battles with the PC since the emergence of PS 3 and Xbox 360 on the market. The dynamic development of the PC so fast makes it difficult to pursue.
Yerli openly admit that the power of next generation consoles will not be able to never be able to conquer the ability of high-end PCs, even now clearly being on the losing side. This conclusion he get after trying Crysis 3 directly, both the PC and next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

So what about the Crysis 3 itself? After briefly getting criticism of the quality of Crysis 2 which is considered to represent the ability of Crytek after the first series that was so phenomenal, Crytek now refocus on the PC as a primary platform for developing this third series. Yerli stated that in Crysis 2, Crytek focused on creating a game that can be enjoyed on a massive scale by PC gamers as much as possible, but in Crysis 3, they were back on the main goal, to make PC-PC powered enthusiast PC gamers to its knees. Unfortunately, in spite of this Yerli claims, he did not confirm whether Crysis 3 will also be the standard test the ability of next-gen consoles in the future.

How about you? Does the fact that the latest generation of consoles will not be as high-end PCs that exist dampen your desire to anticipate his presence? For our own, strength and detail visualization is an important element, but not the sole indicator for assessing the success of a platform. Eventually? They are offering exclusive games, fun, innovative, with a variety of gameplay uniklah that will dominate the market, as was shown by the Wii in the past. So Yerli, it is not over till the fat lady sings ..


THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN movie is a Hollywood movie genre Action, directed by Antoine Fuqua, and a movie script written by Nic Pizzolatto with Richard Wenk’s house Columbia Pictures and MGM distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Film produced by Roger Birnbaum and Todd Black was a remake of the classic movie entitled The Magnificent Seven, directed by John Sturges and released in 1960. It was only in the film ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (2016) is given a little extra so it’s not exactly the same the previous film.


This film tells the story of seven men who have great skills using weapons, including arrows and knives, they came from the western city of America, and is assigned to crack down on crime that is happening in the villages.

City of Rose Creek sleep disturbed by offenders vile, led by Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). They set fire to the church and massacred many innocent citizens.

A widow (Haley Bennett) of the men who killed Sam approached Chisolm (Denzel Washington) to ask for help. Agreed to help, and eventually formed a group containing six men from diverse backgrounds, including Josh Farraday (Chriss Pratt), to requite the offenders.

The film presents many shootout scene and expertise menungang this horse be entertaining spectacle coupled with background stories ‘cowboy’ (western).

Sully Movie 2016 Review

In any event plane crash, spontaneously everyone wanted to know what was being a contributing factor.

Most people can not wait for the announcement of the investigation and the cause of the accident by competent authorities, let alone had already woken up disagreement among laymen that air transportation is the safest mode of transportation.

That’s one reason why when an aircraft crash, the news will quickly spread. Simple theories commonly appears is the airplane that old age will become a major cause of accidents.


Logically, the new aircraft will be much more guarantee a level of safety of flight operations.

Needs to be clarified here that the cause of the plane crash is not simply due to the age of the aircraft. Airplanes age “old” can not be accused of causing the accident.

Many factors could cause aircraft accidents. The cause of the occurrence of an aircraft accident can only be known from the conclusion of a thorough investigation by an investigative institution authorized an aviation authority.

In Indonesia, the institution is known as NTSC or the National Committee for Transportation Accident. In the United States this institution named NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board.

Another interesting thing about the NTSB is contained in a film called Sully. Film drama Clint Eastwood biography written by Todd Komamicki tells the story of a plane crash US Airways flight number 1549 with Captain Pilot Chesley “Sully movie ” Sullenberger.

Sully movie storyline drawn from autobiographical book works captain pilot, Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow, titled Highest Duty.

Gala premiere screening of the film on 2 September 2016 by Warner Bros. in two versions, namely in the format of a conventional film and IMAX versions. A film is quite successful and so far has managed to earn a profit of approximately 50 million US dollars.

This film tells the story of how Captain Sully saved 155 passengers, the Airbus A320-214 after experiencing die-casting machine for hitting a flock of geese shortly after take off.

The accident occurred on January 15, 2009, the interval of one week before Sully (played by Tom Hanks) is celebrating his birthday the 58th.

The film is interesting in terms of the presentation of the controversy on the results of investigations on the cause of the accident NTSB versions are confronted directly to the main actors who happen to survive a crash, in this case is Captain Sully.